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Austin DWI Videos

Austin DWI Videos

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Please review our helpful DWI video library to learn more about the consequences of a drunk driving arrest in Texas. If you or a loved one made a mistake and is facing a DWI conviction, don’t hesitate to call our law office 24/7 for a free case evaluation.

Look over the following DWI related videos below:

› What does implied consent mean in Texas?

› Can you explain license suspension, and the 15-day period to request a hearing in Texas?

› What does per se mean in Texas?

› Are there any repercussions for refusing the official state breath test in Texas?

› What is mouth alcohol in Texas?

› What is rising blood alcohol in Texas?

› What constitutes a felony DWI in Texas?

› What is drug driving in Texas?

› What are some ways to contest a blood test in Texas?

› What is the HGN test in Texas?

› What is the one-leg stand test in Texas?

› What is the walk-and-turn test in Texas?

› What is the difference between a bench trial and a jury trial in Texas?

› Why would an expert witness be needed in a DWI Case in Texas?

› What are the penalties for a first-offense DWI in Texas?

› Can you explain actual physical control in Texas?

› What is probable cause in Texas?

› What are some things a person can do to be proactive about their pending DWI case in Texas?

› What is the first thing someone should do if a friend or loved one is arrested for DWI in Texas?

› What are some ways you can contest the breath test results in Texas?

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