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Jail time. Probation. Driver’s license suspension. Community service. These are all penalties you could receive if convicted of driving while intoxicated (DWI) in Travis County. Fortunately, the right Austin DWI Lawyer attorney can help you fight these charges and avoid these life-altering consequences.

Hire a Professional DWI Defense Lawyer

Hiring an attorney who focuses on drunk-driving laws is of the utmost importance. Attorneys who keep up to date on Texas’s ever-changing DWI laws will be better able defend you against this serious crime. DWI defense lawyers also receive extensive training on both the field sobriety tests and chemical tests that are used by law enforcement to make a DWI arrest.

Our attorneys belong to the Austin Criminal Defense Lawyers Association as well as the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.

After a DWI arrest, you may be wondering if you even need an attorney. To help you decide, consider the consequences involved with pleading guilty to drunk driving. Classified as a Class B misdemeanor, a first DWI offense could result in criminal penalties such as incarceration, loss of driving privileges, and fines. Insurance costs may go up significantly, and your current and future employment could be jeopardized. When you consider all of these things, you may come to realize that hiring a skilled Austin DWI lawyer is a wise investment in your future.

Win Your DWI Case

We have a successful track record in Travis County of winning DWI cases or having them reduced to a non-DWI disposition. For your convenience, our firm operates 24, hours a day, and we have lawyers who are fluent in both English and Spanish.

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